Welcome to CRV Australia's online website.  CRV Australia are distributors for CRV USA, CRV AmBreed, CRV Global in addition to maintaining our own Australian breeding program. CRV Australia are also the exclusive distributors for Jetstream Genetics / USA, Genes Diffusion / France in addition to joint marketing select Aussie Red & Montbelairde products with Auzred xb.

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Breeding an Efficient & Healthy Herd just became Easier!

CRV is introducing two new practical indicators for bulls that will make it simpler for farmers to breed specifically for a healthier and more efficient cow, leading to economic benefits and an easier-to-manage herd (see box). The new indicators, Better Life Efficiency and Better Life Health, will feature on the CRV bull chart starting from the new index run in December.

Click here for BETTER LIFE HEALTH & EFFICIENCY leaflet.