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CRV Exclusive: Facial Eczema

Genetic tolerance offers the best protection against Facial Eczema (FE).

Increased tolerance to FE challenges results in healthier cows and improved production.

Exclusively from CRV, using FE tolerant sires in your breeding programme is an environmentally friendly and safe way to help increase your herds’ tolerance to FE challenges, resulting in healthier cows and improved production.


Best Polled Options

CRV offers a team of local and overseas homozygous polled bulls. Homozygous (PP) polled bulls guarantee the birth of polled calves, meaning the progeny of polled bulls will not need disbudding.

This saves time and expense and improves animal welfare with less stress on the calf.

  • When a bull has two copies of the polled gene (i.e. homozygous) you are guaranteed the bulls progeny will all be polled, because all of them will get one copy of the polled gene.
  • Conversely, bulls with only one copy of the polled gene (i.e. heterozygous) does not guarantee polled progeny, but there is a 50% chance of progeny being polled.

Selecting the Best

CRV’s breeding team has a long history of sourcing the best bulls for our customers.

Bulls are sourced from:

  • breeders
  • our nucleus programme
  • mating contracts
  • and the open market

CRV is also ensuring faster genetic gain by using genomic testing to identify the potential of animals earlier.