Dairy is New Zealand’s biggest export earner, producing about 20 billion litres of milk from 4.7million cows.

About NZ’s dairy industry

CRV has a long history of investing in genetics to ensure New Zealand’s cows are some of the most efficient in the world with traits that ensure animals are healthy, last in the herd and are efficient producers of milk.

New Zealand’s dairy industry has embraced technology and innovation to improve productivity, sustainability, and animal welfare. This includes advancements in genetics.


4.6 million

dairy cows


20.7 billion

litres of milk


10,601 herds

441 average herd size


of cows are Holstein-Friesian/Jersey crossbreed

Breeding strategy provides better genetics

Genomic testing is allowing CRV to breed better bulls faster. That is evident in New Zealand’s breeding programme where technology is being used to deliver superior genetics to our customers world-wide.

CRV’s grass-fed genetics manager, Peter van Elzakker says genomics provide a more accurate insight into a bull’s potential at a much younger age.

“By leveraging our genomics and our strategic partnerships with breeders, CRV has been able to accelerate genetic gain and deliver bulls that excel in breeding cows that are healthy and productive,”

"Our increased representation on the RAS is further proof our strategy is paying off.”

Peter van Elzakker

CRV - Bellvue